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What's the area like?

Kings Cross has a particular reputation across the UK, which has largely been left behind now due to the major redevelopments in the area - among them: Regent's Quarter, Kings Place, the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras International, the Argent development of what was once the Kings Cross goodsyards is Europe's largest brown field redevelopment site. Kings Cross remains a lively, ethnically diverse area with residents on a range of income levels. It will be interesting to see what further impact the regeneration will have on Kings Cross over the next few years.

Housing is a particular issue in the area - overcrowding in the local authority estates encourages a number of teenagers to appreciate the space provided by the streets. The high turnover rate means that new occupants of council flats and houses need to have even more recognised needs (and thus points) than in past years, and owners of housing stock are even more wealthy than the previous occupants since they can afford the ever spiralling prices of housing.

Eurostar trains now leave just half a mile from the church at  St. Pancras.

Kings Place opened in October 2008 and houses the Guardian Media Group and London's first new concert space since the Barbican, as well as a new art gallery.

Argent are the main developers working on the regeneration of Kings Cross

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