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Making and Maturing Disciples of Christ


THE GAP is a club to support those who are either side of the gap between primary and secondary school. It meets every other Monday and it’s for anyone aged 11 to 14 years old.

At around 11-14 we move from taking what our parents and other adults say unchallenged and start to ask our own questions and begin to form our own views of life. THE GAP aims to look at life, the gospel and God. What does music, films and our culture say about it? What does the bible say about it? What do we say about it? At THE GAP we want to help 11-14 year olds to discover answers to the questions they are asking about these things.

Another important aspect of THE GAP is to help with the transition from primary school to secondary school. It is an environment where they can meet and share with those who have already made the transition and we want to help make that change as smooth as possible for them.

THE GAP meets on Mondays:

6pm - 7:30pm at the Paget Christian Centre, Randells Rd, Islington, N1 0DH.

Join us if you can and please feel free to invite your friend.

We will need a consent form to be completed for anyone who attends THE GAP and you can download one from here.

You can get a copy of a leaflet for THE GAP by clicking on the thumbnail below.

THE GAP is run by Barnsbury Parish in partnership with London City Mission


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